Building Landscape Curbing

Jun 29th

Landscape curbing – A stacking wall is a good project for a novice landscaper. Higher walls need to be reinforced mortar methods or other, which makes it harder work, but a pile of stones carefully arranged work for a wall of four meters or less in height. Achieve the level of stones is the most crucial part. If a stable wall is built, you will get many years of use out of it.

Best Landscape Curbing
Best Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing place a piece of rope on the ground, arranged in the shape you want your wall is. Its landscape retaining wall should consist of straight lines and curves gradual. Mark the line by pouring the flour along it. Dig a trench in the ground that marks the course you want your wall to take. The trench should be slightly wider than the stacking units being used and at least three inches deeper than their height. Dig the trench as flat as possible.

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Landscape curbing, compress the trench to level and compress the soil. Pour three inches of gravel in the trench and tamp it down as well. Place the first stackable concrete block at one end of the trench. Place a level on top of it to check your level from side to side.

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