How to Install a Hand Woven Hammock

Nov 4th

Hammocks are resting Casual patio. They can be installed anywhere between two trees or poles if trees are available. Hand woven hammock is typically made of rope instead of fabric and has a more traditional appearance. Install a hand woven hammock is like installing a store bought one, except that you may have to buy the hardware to hang. Search for two trees is 12 wider than the length of the woven hammock by hand if you have spreader bars at each end centimeters.

Woven hammock with pillow
Woven hammock with pillow

A walk from one of the trees and wrap a bungee cord over 2-3 feet around it about 4 meters above the ground for hammocks with spreader bars and 6-8 feet of other hammocks. If the elastic cord has a loop at one end, pull the other end through the loop to secure it.

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Repeat the process to install another elastic cord on the opposite tree in the same way at the same height. Insert a metal S hook hanging in the loop at one end of the hammock and then hang the other end of the S hook on the bungee cord from a tree. Insert another hook S in the hanging hole at the other end of the hammock.