Making Bridge Hammock

Nov 7th

Bridge hammock - The basic structural system of such structures and hammock hanging bridge consists of pylons on which flexible lead wires are passed and hanging hangers generally equally spaced and vertical. These hangers holding the beams of rigidity, over which the step platform is arranged. Suitable for large lights from 35 to over 300 meters. The greater light to save, more appropriate is this solution against others.

Warbonnet Bridge Hammock
Warbonnet Bridge Hammock

Bridge hammock, main cables are bearing the full weight of the runway and the charges that apply. The use is related to the type and number of cables. It should limit the use of those gateways big lights only occasionally pedestrians and light vehicles. Larger loads would result in the need for cables and, if the passage of trucks is allowed, for example, would be given greater rigidity and strength to the platform, making it more expensive much the final cost of the work.

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To anchor the cables bridge hammock, which transmit loads to the ground, it is not necessary to have a very hard ground, it can be anchored to a solid block concrete. Its volume depends on the tension to which they are subjected and its inclination main cables.