Many Types of Hammocks

Dec 17th

Types of hammocks - Woven cotton, are very comfortable and soft to the touch, are used for both interior and exterior. In the dyeing process no azo dyes are used. We can choose between three sizes. Individual hammocks, this hammock intended for individual use, are the most economical, the width of the sleeping surface of 100 cm and 140 cm. It gives us an idea of the comfort provided, more wide comfort. Its maximum load is 120 kg. May vary by model.

Type Hammock Stand
Type Hammock Stand

Double types of hammocks, they are the most sought for both as for two. They are prepared to support up to 160 kg and have a width of cloth that can reach 160 cm. They are the ideal place to lie transversely is the recommended size. Family hammocks, this is designed to enjoy the hammock in the company. It has a width of up to 220 cm. And support a weight of 220 kg.

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Travels types of hammocks or outdoor hammocks are very light and take up very little space, ideal for camping or weekend getaway. For making parachute silk used a very soft durable nylon and lightweight. Also they are made with polyester. They are known as American style hammocks one or Mediterranean by others.